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    Expression syntax

      Is there a good post or reference for QlikView expression and variable syntax? The online Help is not really adequate and the forums have formulae but not much in the way of explanations.


      (if(column(1),count({<Team=,NAME=,Role={'Solution Author'}>} distinct CASE_ID)) - column(7))

      Why the < {, when do I need < > and { } along with single and double quotes.


      David Rowe




        • Expression syntax
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello David,

          The things between "{" and "}" in an aggregation function (sum, count, avg) are called Set Analysis (can be found in par. 20.4 Book III Ref. Manual for v9 SR6) . There is some documentation in the Reference Manual (referring, for example, to the set modifiers which go between "<" and ">"). Quoting is among others in par. 21.6 Book I of the Ref. Manual (v9 SR6). But for set analysis, numbers don't need quoting (nor variables which dollar expansion results on a number), literals ("strings" need single quotes, and search strings ("A*" meaning all starting in A) is enclosed with double quotes. An example would be


          Count({< Year = {2010}, CompanyName = {"A*"}, Country = {'FR'} >} ID)

          Besides, look into the "Training" section at the top of the page, there are some webinars (at least) regarding Set Analysis.

          Hope this helps.