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    How to plot the bar graph for 2 dimensions

    Rekha Harish

      Hi ,


      I have a requirement where in I have to plot a bar graph considering group and name as dimensions and the number of days required to resolve that ticket.The bar graph should display the group and the name of the person who are present in that group.i am facing an issue to display the same in the bar graph.




      NameGroup>=90 Days60-89 Days30-59 Days
      Chris  A1427
      Chris  B21



      For Chris,he has 2 different groups but when i plot the graph,it is considering all other groups present and not displaying properly.Is there any way to ignore the other groups and display only relevant groups for that name in bar graph.


      I have attached the sample excel sheet and the sample qvw required for this requirement.Please help to resolve the same.