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    Inconsistency of same Graph in Qlikview Desktop and Access Point.

    Arjun mALLI
      The straight table in the report comprises of a numeric value and graphical linear gauge description n of the same KPI. The linear graphical representation is achieved using Repeat function similar to:
      There are 2 issues which are being faced :
      1. Same row of the table having same KPI numeric value is displaying different lengths of liner gauge representation of the same KPI.
      In Qlikview Desktop :
      In Access Point :
      2. On change of filter(like month) the KPI value remains the same but the length of liner guage varies.
      For month = July

      For month = August
      We have tried deleting the .meta  and shared files of this report, yet the issue prevails.
      Please let us know the solution for this.