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    Cannot see all data in Dimension


      Hi all,

      just a quick question. I just started with QLik-View (Personal Edition) to evaluate the software for our company. Now I test-loaded
      some data from databases, which did run very well after playing around a bit with the script and the SQL-Connection.

      Now, my problem is as follows: I have loaded a small data-set from 07/2007 to 01/2011, created a LineChart out of it. It consists
      my Date as the Dimension and two values as a expression, a max and a average value. Now, even if I select all mentioned dates
      the Graph does not display all the values, making it not possible to follow the values from ´07 to ´11.

      Would be very nice if some of you can lead me in the right direction on how I make all the values show up.

      Best regards!