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    Rename field in only one table

    Steen Schlüter Persson



      I'm looking for a smart way to load a resident table but prefixing all the fields with a string.

      As an example, I have loaded a Customer dimension, but now I'd like to create a SellToCustomer and a BillToCustomer dimension where all the fieldnames are prefixed with SellTo and BillTo.


      Of course I can just write my load statement and specify all fields with an alias, but I was looking to a way to avoid this.

      I have also looked at the RENAME FIELD statement, but that changes the name in all tables and not only in e.g. the BillTocustomer table. At least, I can't see that I can tell it to only change it in a specific table.

      Using the QUALIFY feature could also be an option, but I don't want the "." in the field name, and I can't see that I can avoid that with the QUALIFY statement.


      Anyone who have an idea to solve this?