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    Failed to open document for unknown reason

    ramon arcusa

      Hey guys.


      We're very annoyed with this. We have a 2gb document which used to work properly but, some weeks ago, it suddenly prompted the "Failed to Open Document for Unknown Reason" message. After that, it started to happen once or twice in a week and it's been getting worse and worse. After a while, it used to be once a day. Today, it's happened at least four or five times.


      Every time it happens, we can solve it in two ways: 1) Restarting services or 2) Running the document. That let us tell our users "hey, you can try to open QlikView again", but getting this mistake every now and again it's very annoying for them, and for us.


      Do you guys have any clue of what can be happening? Anything we can try?


      It only happens with one of our QlikView documents (the biggest one) and we're on 11 SR2


      Thanks a lot!

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          Zhihong He



          May I know what operations  do you you before you get the "Failed" infomation?

          Can you check how much memory do you use when you open the file? It sounds like you are out of memorywhen you open the file.



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              ramon arcusa

              Thanks for your answer Zhihong He, but I'm afraid that's not the problem. As far as memory is concerned, our server is kind of overdimensioned. We have 124gb of RAM and we're usually far from reaching 70% of memory usage.


              How can I know which operations are being performed in the server right before the failure happens? Do you think System Monitor would give us a hint? I haven't seen anything relevant there...


              Can this be somehow related to any object in my document?

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                  Marcus Sommer

                  I could imagine that an upgrade to a newer release will be helpful, for example to QV 11.2 SR 16 which is more stable from the server point of view.


                  - Marcus

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                    Zhihong He

                    Hi, Ramon,


                    No, there is no log to record the operations you have done to the dash. I mean do you remember any modification did you do to the dash or to the server?

                    According to my experience with QV, any time a error/warning happens that is because there is some modification/update in the dash or in the server.


                    Another test that you can try is to load less data in the dash, and see what will happen.


                    I will say SR2 is indeed a little bit old, so do not know whether this is any bug or not.


                    I do have experience that some version can not open my dash, for example, SR9, can open all my dashes except one,  a little big one with 500M, and I just updated to later version when did not have this problem any more.