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    Employee working shift pivot table

    Fabio Facchetti

      Hello Qlik community,


      I work at an employment center, I'm using Qlik Sense Enterprise, and I'm trying to make a pivot table to easily keep track of the working shifts.

      Every month I get txt or csv files like this from the comapanies they work for:




      "I" and "U" are just "in" and "out" which are very important because sometimes employees work 10pm to 6am of the next day, or they make breaks in a day.


      I just need something like this:


      + Badge      In         Out       In        Out

         - Day 1     09:00   13:00    14:00   18:00

         - Day 2     09:00   13:00    14:00   18:00

         - Day 3     09:00   13:00    14:00   18:00


      Basically for each Badge (employee ID), for each day, I need to see a list of the times they used the badge and the flag "in" or "out".


      For now I'm using something basic like this:


      2017-01-05 15_11_14-TEST FF - Il mio nuovo foglio (1) _ Fogli - Qlik Sense.png


      But it's not the best and it's still hard for the paycheck team to work with.


      Also: any way to filter out those zeros in the badge? I really just need the last 6 digits.


      Thank you in advance!