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    How to use Null value in set analysis?

    Chris Cools



      i'm trying to make an overview of all the SKU's created in our system, but missing a certain field "ProductCollectionCode".

      And i'm trying to do it like this:


      Count ( { $<[ProductStatus]={'Active'}, ProductCollectionCode = {''}  >}               SkuCode)


      But i don't get any results and i'm sure that there are.


      I'm also sure that the expression works because i get results  if i do fill in a collection code like this:

      Count ( { $<[ProductStatus]={'Active'}, ProductCollectionCode = {'2017 Summer'}  >}               SkuCode)


      So it must be that the NULL value is causing the expression not to work.


      Any ideas how i might have a workaround in the expression without changing Null values in the script?

      (The load scripts are made by an external company, which means it's costly to adapt, it takes time AND i have

      a lot of these empty fields in our masterdata that i would like to work with)


      Thanx for your help!!