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    Gourav Sikka

      Dear Team,



      i stuck a requirement. i have data oct, nov dec month of different dates.

      in oct month i have 24/10/2016,25/10/2016,26/10/2016,27/10/2016,28/10/2016

      In Nov Month i have 26/11/2016,27/11/2016,28/11/2016,29/11/2016,30/11/2016

      In Dec Month i have 11/12/2016,12/12/2016,13/12/2016,14/12/2016,15/12/2016,16/12/2016





      For this i am sharing a qvd where all data exit with date.



      i want to show only each month of maximum date wise Avl Value.If i see in oct month then it show only 28/10/2016 date regarding value



      If i see in Nov month then it show 30/11/2016 date regarding value



      If i see in Decmonth then it show 16/12/2016  date regarding value



      How is it.Kindly Help Me For soliving this issue. Maximum date of each month