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    How to write sequence order as date.

    jasobanta pradhan

      Hi ,

      I have source table T1.



        Date,       Amount
      04/01/2016, 10
      04/01/2016, 10
      04/01/2016, 10
      04/01/2016, 30
      04/02/2016, 10
      04/02/2016, 20





        Date,         Amount,    Entryno
      04/01/2016,   10 ,        1
      04/01/2016,   10,         2
      04/01/2016,   10,         3
      04/01/2016,   30,         4
      04/02/2016,   10,         1
      04/02/2016,   20,          2


      Its different two dates.

      Help in script...



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          Vegar Lie Arntsen

          I've not verified that this will work hence I am away of my computer, but give autonumber a try.


          Assuming you have a rowId (primary key) in your table then this might work.





          Autonumber(rowId, Date) as EntryNo

          Resident T1;

          Med vänlig hälsning, Vegar Lie Arntsen  



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          • Re: How to write sequence order as date.
            Vegar Lie Arntsen

            I did a test and it should work.








            Vegar Lie Arntsen





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