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    Qlikview Implementation

    Darrell Butler

      Hi Everyone,

      My organisation are on the cusp of implementing Qlikview. Just waiting for the hardware to arrive !

      Has anyone got a list of high level activities or tasks needed for a smooth implementation.

      Also are there any lessons learned / pitfalls from your own installations that I need to be aware about.

      Finally, whats the collective wisdom try and install the QV server & software yourselves or get an experienced consultant in ?

      Any advice greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks



        • Qlikview Implementation

          Hi Darell

          If you will do it yourself then follow the newest manual closly, that's the best advise I can offer.

          I would strongly suggest you use a consultant to help you. Even though the install is easy, there is always things that fall outside the regular scope such as firewalls, company policies etc that an experienced consultant can handle quickly.

          Best of luck.