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    Filter Report by Employee with NPrinting

    micro win



      I have a report where I was previously using PDF Distributor to reduce by field EMPLOYEE_ID and it sent to the MAIL_ADDRESS field.


      Now we migrated to NPrinting and I'm using NPrinting Designer to import the report but I've been looking in Community how to filter every EMPLOYEE_ID and send the report (PDF) to the associated MAIL_ADDRESS, but I found that I need to create a table in the application


      So I created the following table with the FILTER column:


      1employee1@test.comGENERALEMPLOYEE_ID = {1}
      2employee2@test.comGENERALEMPLOYEE_ID = {2}
      3employee3@test.comGENERALEMPLOYEE_ID = {3}


      Is this OK so far? Because when I run the task it doesn't filter by EMPLOYEE_ID, it sends the FULL PDF to every EMPLOYEE_ID.


      Do you know how to do that?


      Thank you!!!