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    SAP Connector (latest 6.xx) how to express date string in OpenSQL

    Atsushi Saijo

      Hi Gurus, would you possibly advise how I can express in SAP OpenSQL with any date variable?


      For example, billing table VBRK has FKDAT (Invoice posting Date).

      I would like to make such:



      WHERE FKDAT = (date)


      How would you set this date? I tried Date(2017-01-06), or like SAP, "06.01.2017" or 20170106, but all resulted in loading error.

      Actually on SQL server, it is recorded as 20170106 as numeric.


      ABAP resource at the client advised me that in ABAP code, it is always creating an ABAP variable before executing SQL, so it is not really known if it is possible to have date syntax within OpenSQL.


      I should highly appreicate for your wisdom in advance.