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    Pick and Match color

    Heok ChNg

      I am using expression for color. pick and match function were used. Expression as the following:


      pick(match(DRCNonSecList,'Corporates','Local Governments','Sovereigns'),RGB(204,102,119),RGB(68,119,170),RGB(26, 188, 156))





      Seems to work fine until I click on other dimension like the following:



      I think this is due to the selection of the colour

      "pick(match(DRCNonSecList,'Corporates','Local Governments','Sovereigns'),RGB(204,102,119),RGB(68,119,170),RGB(26, 188, 156))"

      is no longer valid. How do I make the color always valid in this case?


      I was thinking to use

      {<DRCNonSecList=>} to mix into pick and match functions so that regardless what dimension I am navigating to it will be always true and therefor the color will never change. However I can't figure out how this is possible. Please can any one advice?