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    How to work out a bar chart of sales per staff in Qlik sense?

      Hi all,


      I got 2 tables with

      Table A recorded the sale:


      MonthDistrictSub-districtCompany A SaleCompany B SaleCompany C Sale
      Jan-16HKMid-level           257              989            500
      Jan-16KOWLOONSHAM SHUI PO           166              387              50


      And Table B recorded the no of staff


      MonthDistrictSub-districtCompany A No of staffCompany B No of staffCompany C No of staff
      Jan-16HKMid-level                                      187                                        416                                        109
      Jan-16KOWLOONSHAM SHUI PO                                        56                                          81                                          11

      And i use the month as the associated field for 2 tables. When i want to create a bar chart with the measure as sum(sales)/sum(no of staff) of each company, it works when no filter selection is chosen but it doesnt work if some selections of the filter panel of "month" and "district" is chosen?


      May i ask what can i do in order to create the chart of sales per staff? thanks for answering