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    Qlik Sense Cloud - Filter Pane - Default Selection

    Neale Forth

      Hi Qlik Community.


      Newby Qlik learner .......


      I have built an app that reports project data on a weekly basis. I have used a 'Filter Pane' to allow the user to select the week in question :


      Mon 5 Feb

      Mon 12 Feb

      Mon 19 Feb



      When app first opens there is no selection made - so the data presented is across all weeks and users are getting confused.


      Any one know how to set the default of the sheet to open at the latest date or even a set date ?


      Would this be something you set up in the load script pehaps ?


      Hope someone can help, there is lots on this for Q Sense Desk Top / View but not for Cloud.


      Thanks iin advance.