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    Script execution problem

    Mads Grathe

      Hi everybody

      New problem :-)

      I've been trying to load a script, but QlikView keeps failing to load it. It starts out fine but at the end I keep getting the message: "Execution of script failed. Reload old data?"

      By going through my code several times and trying to take out different parts, I've located the exact script that has QV failing. Here it is:


      'US' as Realm;
      concat('US_',cast(emailid as char)) as emailid
      ,min(Date) as min_date
      ,max(Date) as max_date
      ,concat('US_',cast(max(refererid) as char)) as referer
      from database_us.tmp_oldtablename
      group by tmp_oldtablename.emailid;

      Store table_name INTO ..\..\Source Data\Archive Data\table_name.qvd (qvd) ;
      drop table table_name;

      The weird thing is that QV doesn't explain WHY the execution fails. It just does. And it's rather perplexing since I've done a very similar thing before with any problems...

      Any ideas as to where my script is bothering the system?

      Thank you for any help you can provide.