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    Calculation for a user-selected field value and another field

    Melissa Principe


      I am trying to do a calculation involving a user-selected field value and another field in a Qliksense app.  I want to sum a user-selected value from Field1 with each individual value from Field2 and then produce a third field with the result of this calculation. Below is an example:

      Field1   Field2             Field3

      1              5                    6

      2              6                    7

      3              7                    8

      4              8                    9

      For example, suppose there is a filter on Field1, and the user selects ‘1’. I want Field3 to equal 1+5 in the first row, 1+6 in the second row, etc. so that the Field3 would read as above.  The calculation I need to do is more complicated than addition, but I just need a simple way to do the calculation for one user-selected value and then entire other field, instead of row by row.

      Please let me know of any suggestions.