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    Qlik Sense 3.1.4 Server Installation

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys,


      I have installed on Qlik Sense 3.1.4 server on my server.


      during the installation, I noticed, it allows us to specify the installation location. So instead of locating it at C:\, i put it at D:\.


      After finished the installation. i am confused. I found that there is a qlik folder at - c:\programdata\Qlik


      and i also can see another Qlik folder in my D: Drive, which I have identified during the installation.


      I dont understand. I thought can install everything on D:\ and leave nothing on C:\.


      My main point here is i want to put all qvds and all app files in to D:\ because c:\ is a OS drive and has limited space.


      Can anyone explain to me ?