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    GeoQlik doesn't register Long/Lat right

    Benjamin Currle



      I'm currently working on a project for university where I have to visualize some shipment data with Qlikview, using the extension GeoQlik. First of all I loaded the data into my Document, this worked finde. I have all my columns, including Longitude and Latitude.

      When I now want to create an analysis with GeoQlik and choose X/Y-Coordinates as the option, I insert my columns "Longitude and Latitude" to the respective fields. When I click on "verify geographic data" however, only one city/country gets verified, the rest looks like they are missing the latitude or the longitude value. It looks like they are splitted:


      As mentioned, the data gets loaded in the document correctly, meaning every X value has an Y value, GeoQlik hower says that for 48 out of 49 rows there is only one of X or Y. So the problem is in GeoQlik I think.


      Has anyone had the same problem? Or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!