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    get a diagram from a .csv file


      Hello, I am new to Qlikview and I imported a csv file that has a structure as follows:

      Zeit|Signal [Einheit]|Wert
      0.00025|FZ_Gierrate [°/s]|0.24414063
      0.00075|DR_a_x [g]|0.04800000
      0.00075|DR_a_y [g]|-0.01600000
      0.00075|DR_a_z [g]|0.99200000
      0.00175|FZ_a_y_1 [g]|0.00990000
      0.00225|ABS_E [---]|regelt nicht
      0.00225|Bremse_Pedal_S [---]|nicht betaetigt
      0.00225|FZ_Gierrate_1 [°/s]|0.03760000
      0.00275|Reifen_p_Warn [---]|druck ok
      0.00325|FZ_Gierrate [°/s]|0.07500000
      0.00325|FZ_a_y [g]|0.02459867

      ...and so on

      The delimiter is '|' so that I have here 3 columns. First is timestamp, second signalname and third value.

      My question now is, how can I make a line diagram that shows the value course of a certain signal e.g. "FZ_Gierrate [°/s]" over time?

      I tried a lot but didn't made it.

      Hope you may help me. Thanks in advance.

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          Hello spartakuskus,

          I assume your native language is german. Then it is likely that you have set:


          In consequence all(!) values for Zeit and Wert are loaded as string (text), not as numeric. So try to load the two fields with numeric values where ever possible. I defined new separators before loading from the csv-file:


          SET ThousandSep=''; // leave it blank for the moment
          SET DecimalSep='.';
          Load ...

          The rest should be easy as most of your values in the two fields will be recognized as numeric (and therefor are visible in a linechart).

          Regards, Roland