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    Page break in Nprinting Excel report

    Halmar Heijnen

      Hello all,


      I want to add a page break in an Excel report (newsletter) in Nprinting 16.

      In my excel template I added a picture and some columns with data:


      But when I show the report in PDF, It does not respect the lines. Even when I add a pagebreak in the Excel template.

      My template looks like this:



      Thanks for the help!



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          Cassandra Baqir

          Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having a similar issue.

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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Excel itself is not designed to have advanced page layout settings. You can use Excel native formatting features to set the pages layout, page breaks etc but you need to proceed by tests, errors and corrections.


            We suggest to distribute reports in the native format of the template. So create an Excel template if you want to distribute .xlsx files and create a PixelPerfect report to distribute PDF.



            Best Regards,



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