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    How to connect domain with newstand / dashboard

    Jesús Correa

      We have both Qlik Sense and NPrinting installed on the same machine


      We have pointed qlik.mydomain.com to myqlik.server.ip and any qlik.mydomain.com request goes to MyHub by default. 

      If I do request qlik.mydomain.com/qmc then the QMC is opened.


      Then we have pointed kiosko.mydomain.com to the same ip but instead of opening the Sense Hub we want to open NPrinting Newstand on port 4994,


      Where should you recommend to manage the redirect in order to do not affect Sense default port 80  redirect to hub on qlik.mydomain.com


      I do not need any *:80 points to Sense Hub anymore, only if qlik.mydomain.com is requested.


      Thanks in advance.