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    Ranking within a subset selected by a user


      This issue gave me some difficulties. I need some help.

      Suppose we have a file with this fields

      - Region

      - Region_Size (5 different values)

      - City (a city belongs to a Region)

      - City_Status (2 values 1 or 2)

      - HH (households)

      In my application, the user have to select a unique Region.

      I want to display a chart (table) with this informations :

      - City_Status

      - The Rank of the Cities among all the Regions with the same Region_Size that my Selected Region

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      In this example, the user have choosen the Region X, which has a Size= 4.

      The Cities from Region X with the Status=1 are ranked 18 within all The Cities with Status=1 from The Region_Size=4. The ranking-variable is the total households : SUM ( HH)

      Sorry, it's a little bit tricky but maybe someone can help me.