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    How to introduce a web developer to Qlik Sense

    Jeff Hickman



      I work as a Qlik Sense developer (with a background in writing code for SQL Server databases) for a company that sells its own software - a retail application. We offer Qlik Sense to our software customers so that they can analyse their own sales data.


      At present the front end for Qlik Sense is the 'out of the box' hub, with a stream for each of our customers. Authentication is via an Active Directory user directory connector. It works really well but now we want to replace the front end branding to use our own company identity instead of all the Qlik branding.


      (Someone at Qlik provided a document which detailed how to update things like page titles, logos, favicons etc but it doesn't really work, was provided without warranty and is completely unsupported, so that 'hack' approach is no help.)


      I have no background in web development but I do know Qlik (not the dev-hub bit)

      My company has just hired a web developer who will be working on this with me, but he doesn't know Qlik.


      So, the question is, now that I have access to a developer who can build me a front end that will ideally replicate the functionality of the hub, including the authentication and responsiveness, how do I get him started when there are so many resources available to developers?


      I can't just give him the dev-hub link and leave him to it - he won't know what he's supposed to be doing - so I'm hoping to get some advice on which bits of documentation to read, and which of the available tools will be most helpful.  I think we will need to use mash-ups instead of iFrames (because iFrames look rather limited in terms of responsiveness for one thing) to get the flexibility we need, and we will use visualisations already created rather than making them on the fly, but beyond that I don't have much idea of how to direct the developer.


      Any advice gratefully received.

      Many thanks

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          Francis Kabinoff

          Hey Jeff,


          The docs is a good place to start. http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/3.1/Content/Home-developer.htm


          There’s also Qlik Playground - http://playground.qlik.com/

          There a developer can check out some projects, and start editing one.


          Those are some good places to start.


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            Bill Markham



            That is a very good question.  I have just had a Web Developer start for me yesterday, so very poignant for me.


            I have taught myself how to hack together QlikSense Extensions, both Visualizations and Mashups.  I certainly come at them from the Qlik viewpoint and whilst my extensions work [mostly] their code is certainly hacked together and not best practice yet......


            What I am hoping to achieve is that he can introduce Web Dev best practice, I can already sort QlikDev / data modelling best practice.  And thus hope to achieve overall best practice.


            I would suggest that you both learn from each other.  Your new starter can teach you some Web Dev and you can teach him some Qlik things to reach a mutually achievable boundary overlapping between your 2 skill sets.


            I would also suggest you start very simply.


            I found this post Mashup Editor - Toggle charts with jquery by Yianni Ververis a good starting point for mashups.  It uses the sample Helpdesk Management qvf example that comes when QlikSense Desktop is installed.  It just displays some visualisation objects from the qvf and allows one to toggle between which are displayed with jQuery.  It also exploits BootStrap that hopefully your Web Dev is familiar with.  Once you have it sussed against the sample qvf, then you can duplicate it and point at one your internal qvf's.


            For visualisation extensions the Help is a good starting point https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/3.1/Subsystems/Extensions/Content/extensions-introduction.htm and has some examples. Michael Tarallo has also made some videos Integration and Mash-Ups and API (videos).  They are somewhat out of date [ 2015? ], but the concepts are still the same even if some of the details have moved on.


            I'd suggest you start with a very simple table extension using AngularJs, extracting data into a hypercube and simply presenting it in a simple table via ng-repeat.  If your Web Dev knows Angularjs, then using ng-repeat will be no surprise.  Then improve the extension so that things like font sizes & colours can be configured in the Accordion Properties.


            Also do take the opportunity to learn from your Web Dev.  What I believe is ultimately required is a fusion of WebDev & Qlik.  You certainly will need to learn some of the Web Dev lingo and your Web Dev will need to learn some Qlik lingo so that you can converse together.

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              Jeff Hickman

              Thanks to you all for the swift and helpful replies. I think the main thing I'm taking from this is that there are many routes through the path from our starting point (of a standard hub implementation) to an embedded OEM solution, and so this question is really hard to answer because of all the options.


              bill.markham - we'll definitely be working on the project together; I've no interest in just handing what I've done over to a web dev - this is a great opportunity for me to learn something new, while teaching my new colleague what I know. Your words are very encouraging.

              akl - I had no idea that Slack channel existed. Thank you for the great tip.


              @francis.kabinoff - Playground is new to me, and looks very useful. Thanks for the pointer.


              Looking forward to a fascinating learning curve!