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    Repository Database

    Vindhya Giri



      While going through the Systems Requirement document fro QlikView 12.1 SR1, came across the following portion of it.

      Can you please advise on how to find out how to find out do we have that licensed module and which one are we using?


      QV Repository database.png

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hello Vindhya,

          The statement in the system requirements to which you are referring, "QlikView Publisher is an additional licensed module of QlikView Server," means that in order to utilize it's functionality, it must be installed and licensed onto an exiting and functional QlikView Server. You (or whomever does your software purchasing) should know if you have a Publisher license. If you don't know suggest that you reach out to your Qlik account manager. The repository database is core set of files which Publisher uses to function. Natively, this set of files are XML files. Additionally, the repository database can be configure to use a SQL database instead of the XML files.


          Hope this helps


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            S Satti

            Hi Vindhya,


            if you don't have QVP Licence You are not able to see Distribution Services and QVPR Repository also.




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                Peter Cammaert

                If you don't have a Publisher license, you won't see any Publisher related tabs in the QMC except for the Reload tab in the User Documents properties. But the Distribution Service and QVPR will be there allright, managing every server-initiated reload. Otherwise, no reloads at all...