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    Rolling n number of days (Distinct) - Serious issue

    Chaitanya Mopathi

      I have been a long time user of Qlik analytics software and it is a great software.


      However, I would like to be able to have a running_total_distinct functionality.for n-days.




      DAY   USERID   Expected running_total_distinct for last 7 days

      1         001           2

      1         002           2

      2         001           3

      2         002           3

      2         003           3

      3         003           3

      4         002           3



      However, I have extensively looked throughout Qlik Community forums and there was no solution.

      Is there a way I can achieve my goal of counting a distinct total.

      I was able to achieve this with little to no effort using this software I found here with Tableau:


      On example #5 It provides the solution which works wonderfully.

      It seems that switching to Tableau is the best and only viable option for me as I am frustrated searching for solution online for months.

      Please guide me and get me out of this problem. Thanks.