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    Recommend posting examples with your question

    Rob Wunderlich

      There are a lot of questions posting to the forum and many contributors are giving time to provide answers. Posting an example qvw with your question will greatly improve the chances of your question being answered and will make best use of contributors time. For more on this subject see this old blog post of mine:


      I find that many questions require me to create a sample qvw to play with the solution and I'm more likely to work on the posts that already provide the sample. I'm sure this is true for many of the contributors on this forum.

      We are drowning in our own success :)



        • Recommend posting examples with your question
          John Witherspoon


          Rob Wunderlich wrote:I'm more likely to work on the posts that already provide the sample. I'm sure this is true for many of the contributors on this forum.

          It's true for me. I will sometimes create a sample myself, but I am more likely to work on posts where I don't have to.

          As another tip, try to keep the sample file as simple as possible. It's difficult to look through and understand seven tabs with multiple charts each and 200 fields in twenty different tables. Even if the question might otherwise be simple, a very complicated sample file will also likely see me ignoring the post and moving on to the next. Simpler is better.

          The ideal sample file has no external data sources - no Excel file to download, no databases that I cannot connect to. Just a few simple tables loaded with an inline load or an autogenerate. Quite often, the best solutions are script solutions, even if you think you only need help with an expression. Make it easy for us to test out script solutions by making sure we are able to do a reload on your file.

          It's best to not convert your QVW to a ZIP, RAR, or anything else. First, I believe QlikView files are already compressed (?). Second, the extra time I spend uncompressing it dwarfs the extra time it would have taken to download a slightly larger file. For that matter, I don't even have software that extracts RAR, and I'm not going to download some just so that I can help someone on the forum.

          If you're asking how to compute something, an ideal sample file will contain something like a text box showing the results you would like the calculation to produce. Best might be an actual table of the desired results so that we can load it into the chart for the easiest possible comparison. But whatever it is, it's just helpful if we can easily verify that our expression produces the right result.

          • Recommend posting examples with your question

            I agree with this, as a newbie in Qlikview I use this forum as my training ground so if there is an attached sample file that I can work on, it's easier for me to learn and I can say it's the faster way cause I'm doing it hands on..