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    Linest Year vs MonthYear

    Jared Papador

      I have a bar chart that shows units by month year.  I am trying to make a second expression that is a linear trend line.  When I use the first expression (Year) it works but displays in the fashion shown in the year attachment. 


      When I try to use the Month Year expression it doesn't display anything (shown in MonthYear attachment).  Any ideas?


      I think I am missing something simple:


      Year Screenshot expression

      Linest_M(TOTAL Aggr(Sum(Units), Year), Year)


      Only( Year)


      Linest_B(TOTAL Aggr(Sum(Units), Year), Year)


      MonthYear Screenshot Expression

      Linest_M(TOTAL Aggr(Sum(Units), MonthYear), MonthYear)


      Only( MonthYear)


      Linest_B(TOTAL Aggr(Sum(Units), MonthYear), MonthYear)