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    [Question] Using measure to "split" dimensions

      Hi all,


      I'm a new user using QlikSense.

      I'm trying to filter a dimension by a measure, but unsure how. Data looks similar to this:

      Shop AJan5000
      Shop BJan1000
      Shop CJan500
      Shop AFeb3000
      Shop BFeb2000
      Shop CFeb100


      I want to create a stacked bar chart, showing Sale by month, split between Big Seller (Sale >=1000 for that month) and Small Seller (Sale < 1000 for that month).


      I'm using QlikSense Cloud, and my organization has locked the option to create new dimension, so I tried to use Month & Seller as Dimensions (in that order), Sale as measure. On Seller Dimension, inputting syntax:

      if(Sale >= 1000 ,'Big Seller','Others')


      Obviously the result didn't come out as wished

      Would love to get some advice.


      Thank you,