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    Problem nesting set modifiers with advanced searches

    Simone Fresch

      Hi all,

      I have a Pivot table with: customer dimension, account dimension, sum(travel_expenses), sum(account_total).

      I want to show rows only when travel expenses is >0, but set modifiers ignoring current row context.

      This is the example from guide:

      sum( {$<Customer = {“=Sum({1<Year = {2007}>} Sales ) > 1000000”}>} Sales )

      I prepared:

           sum( {$<other_dimensions=, account= {“=Sum({$<other_dimensions=>} travel_expenses) > 0”}>} account_total)


      "other_dimensions=" is to indicate that there are a lot of other dimensions that I omitted to simplify example.


      But Qlikview resolve the nested "=Sum({$<other_dimensions=>} travel_expenses) > 0" for all customers, not for customer in current row.

      Therefor it shows customers and accounts, when account total is greater than 0 in total document.


      So qlikview ignores current row context (customer).

      This is a bug or is impossible to do it?

      There is a solution, using advanced searches?


      This is a workaround without advanced searches:

      if(Sum({$<other_dimensions=>} travel_expenses) > 0, sum( {$<other_dimensions=>} travel_expenses) > 0”}>} account_total)


      Thank's all