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    Foreign Key two fields coming from the same table to another table QlikSense

    Vic Obi

      I would like to link these two fields coming from the same table to another table. The value in the two fields are the same and that's why i want to link them to the same table. This is an example below.


      Games Table

      Home TeamAway TeamHome GoalsAway Goals
      Man UnitedArsenal 21
      West HamMan United01


      I want to create an application where you can filter on teams. I know i have to create a table called "Teams" of all the 20 premier league teams, therefore i would like to link HomeTeam and AwayTeam to the teams table but of course the field have to be different names. Is there a smart way i can trick QlikSense to link these two fields to the same table.

      I have tried to create HomeTeam as a table of its own and Away Team as it's own and link them in their individual tables and then left join then in a new table but I cannot left join them because if i use the FK as a left join it will give me the example below


      Home TeamAway TeamHome Goals Away Goals

      Man United                                        Man United                                   2                                                       1



      Anyone please help.