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    Variable dimensions on x- and y-axis

      I guess this newbee questions was ask a hundered times - but I didn't find something. So the question:

      I have a table with saledate, product, amount (per date/product).

      I would like to have a linechart, where on the x-axis is the product, on the y-axis is a date vale. In the chart itself is the amount (accumulated for product/date).

      Although there's a select box for product and date, the Linecahart should show selected products (or all) and selected date range, so both, x- and y-axis must be dynamic.

      Is there some example or tutorial how to create this kind of chart?

      Any help will be grateful




      I made a picture of what I'm thinking of:

      error loading image

      But during outlining this I though this presentation would be to confusing to the viewer. So I guess a grid view will be a good solution.