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    Ignore selection in calculated dimension

    Arthur Zuco

      I would like the “County” filter pane (based on a dimension of [COUNTY_ST]) to not filter or change based on a selection made in another drop down, “Ozone...”, which is based on the dimension [NAAQS].


      You can see in the below that because Ozone is selected, the number of counties is greatly limited (the gray bar) in my county filter. However, I want the County filter to show all counties regardless of what’s being selected in NAAQS.


      Kind of a different spin from set analysis in that this isn’t on a measure, but rather a dimension. I’ve been searching for calculated dimension how tos, but haven’t sorted it out.




      Update: Technically, all the counties are in the County filter pane, but the associative selection model is graying most of them out and putting them at the bottom. I want to override that for this filter pane.