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    Pivot Chart

      hello guy,

      i have posted a question few days back and did not recived any reply i think its because of the wrong heading which i have given.

      i am posting the same the question but with correct header and more details.

      i have a pivot chart with two dimensions [Trade Name] and [Sector] and expression which as below




      SUM(aggr(if(rank (sum({<Type={"IMPORT"},[Cargo Type]={"Rf"}>} Potential))<=10,sum({<Type={"IMPORT"},[Cargo Type]={"Rf"}>}Potential)),[Trade Name],Sector


      By using this am geting all the trade names, irrespective of the top 10. below is the screen shot of the result. what i want is only the top 10. trade name.

      error loading image



      i request your assistance.