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    Automatic selection of closer date

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I'm using the DateRangePicker extension on Qlik Sense as a calendar filter. It shows me all the days/months/years, but I've got only some date that can be selected in my tables (I mean, in my tables I've got only some date like 10/01/2015, 20/10/2015, 15/08/2016, ..., not all the days of the year). I would like to have something that shows me all the data, but that when I select a day it automatically goes on the closer day if the one that I select is not available (I mean something that, if I select 10/10/2016 and there's only 9/10/2016 available from the dates of the table, directly goes on it), or alternatively a calendar with the available dates only.


      Thanks in advance !

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          vijayakrishna parimi

          Hi, Using ur date column, create a master calendar. Left join this table with master calendar. Left join(master_calendar) load date_column as date, date_column from table; master_Cal: load *,if(isnull(date_column),peek(date_column),date_column) as date_column resident master_calendar; create a calendar with date_column and when ever the date_column is selected the near values of date will be automatically selected.