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    Qlikview 9 Macro Issue on Server

      Hi Everyone,

      Below problem is bugging me a lot for more days. Tried all possible ways but no clue. Thought some of the Qliktech experts can answer this. I have a macro that is used in QV8.5 and recently move to QV9. Since in QV9 macros are dealt using actions i have created action for below maacro i.e. OnOpen -> Runmacro and giving the module name of macro this somehow is giving me 'Object required :group' issue when opened from Qlikview 9 accesspoint i.e from IE plugin. It works fine on Developer version without issues. Below is the code snippet causing issue. Any immediate thoughts on this would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

      Below is small macro to remove an existing cyclic group and create a new cyclic group. Then i have my code to add fields to add to this group. It however removes the group with the remove group () function but while setting value for group it says 'object required: group' error on accesspoint i.e. IE Plugin. I hope this variable has to be declared but don't what type of variable to declare for cyclic group.


      Sub SetCTLS

      ActiveDocument.RemoveGroup ("SQ Product")

      set group = ActiveDocument.CreateGroup ("SQ Product")

      set gp = group.GetProperties
      gp.IsCyclic = true
      group.SetProperties gp
      End Sub


        • Qlikview 9 Macro Issue on Server

          In the macro windows you could try to 'Allow system Access' and see if it makes any diffenrence.

          I believe ver 9 introduced some further security, whicj could explain why it works in 8.5 but not in 9

            • Qlikview 9 Macro Issue on Server

              Hi Kristiansen,

              Thanks for your quick reply. I tried this enabling 'Allow system Access' in the macro and published same on accesspoint it still tries to throw same error. I hope it is trying to create the group from macro but not able to get the properties of it and set them. I tried debugging this by having message boxes everywhere in macro script. This said how the 'GetProperties' would actually work on Qlikview9 accesspoint remains the main question while it works all fine on Developer tool. Any immediate suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

                • Qlikview 9 Macro Issue on Server

                  Sub DymnamicGroup


                  ActiveDocument.RemoveGroup "Dimensions"

                  Set gr = ActiveDocument.CreateGroup("Dimensions")


                  set gp = ActiveDocument.GetGroup("Dimensions").GetProperties

                  gp.IsCyclic = true

                  ActiveDocument.GetGroup("Dimensions").SetProperties gp


                  End Sub

                  This macro is used on POST RELOAD before saving the application. So that when you open on the client side you should be fine.

                  Try and let me know if it works for you .


                    • Qlikview 9 Macro Issue on Server

                      Hi Priya,

                      I tried you code, it seems the error is not occuring on accesspoint after a post reload. But i tested this with adding fields into this but think the Post reload action itself is not working to execute the macro. This confirms me that Postreload action in QV9 is not getting triggered and hence error still occuring on accesspoint.

                      All i need is the macro to run after Post reload, my server usually reloads from publsiher and publishes on accesspoint. So this means reload is happening but not triggering the 'Post Reload'. Any suggestions on this.

                      Did you try any of these macro tested in QV9 accesspoint i.e IE Plugin. Thanks for help!