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    Table Columns Get Updated All the Time in Nprinting Designer

    Hardik Patel

      Hi All,


      I'm creating an excel reports with few tables in Qlikview Nprinting Designer (version I have created a connection with my Qlik Sense App. I have pulled 8-10 tables and used them on different sheets. Few of the Field Names were expressions when I pulled them as tables and hence I had to rename them in Nprinting Designer Table Fields.


      I created report, previewed it and it looked perfect. I saved template, click Save icon on top left corner and clicked Save and Close.


      However, when I reopened the template of the same report, previewed it, it gave error "The preview request failed :.. <exception>". When I selected already pulled tables (from connection), and updated them most of the tables had columns updated and hence report wasn't being previewed. When I renamed those fields, updated my template accordingly and previewed it, it worked fine. But again, with no luck reopening the designer gives the same error with same issues.


      Can anyone please help me ?


      Many thanks in advance.