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    Refreshing data in the cloud, am I missing something??

      I have just upgraded my account to Qlik Cloud Business on the basis that I can schedule data refreshes.


      I've reviewed the videos and I have managed to scheduled and refresh the data in an App which is being sourced from a QVD in the cloud data files. That's great, but the data in the QVD comes from a network folder which contains data extracted from line of business systems and put into oracle tables.


      1. LOBS > Extract > Store (Local Storage)

      2.Transform & Load (QVD)

      3. Visualize QVF. (Cloud)


      So I have scheduled the extracts (Step 1 ) and I have scheduled the refresh of the visualization (Step 3), how do I update the QVD in the data files part of the cloud.???


      Or is this architecture completely wrong?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Paul,


          Thanks for your question. I have spoken with the PM about this and we are currently brainstorming around this sort of thing. The current implementation of QSCB allows scheduled refreshes from the data that is manually uploaded to your group work space. So currently, it would require one to manually upload and replace the data file. We are working diligently on connectivity and this is an area we are addressing.  With the new cloud-based sources (Salesforce.com / REST (coming soon)) and Qlik Data Market the schedule refresh would just access those sources directly so no manual intervention needed. It would be nice if we had some sort of mechanism to grab or push the file. I am told that we do have things in the pipe that will address this use case I cannot share them as of yet.  I will send this thread to our PM as well so they are aware of your request.



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            Thanks for your prompt response Mike, considering I am planning to use QVDs as the data sources for the cloud apps it would be good to be able to store the QVDs directly in the cloud from our local infrastructure.