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    Distinct Total different in text box and chart

    Inês Castelhano

      Dear all,


      I am facing the following problem:

      I have several representatives, each of them can work in more than one region.

      However, in order to know how many representatives I have in each region, I am using the following expression (column "Value", where the total is configured to be the sum of values):

      Count( {(<Regions -={' '}, Filter_field ={'Something'}>}distinct REP_CODE) -> 963


      To count the total, I am using the following expression:

      Count( {(<Regions -={' '}, Filter_field ={'Something'}>}total distinct REP_CODE) -> 955



      Then, when summing inside a specific region, that representative may be unique (distinct) but in the whole set it isn't. Thus, the sum of the distincts is different the total sum. Finally, when I use the expression to get the distribution (percentage), I get a total of 100.8% (963 instead of 955).


      Do you have any ideas on how to overcome this?

      Thanks in advance!