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    Sumif Function in Qlikview

    Ahmad Abdolkhalegh

      Hi Everyone,

      I want to create a sumif function in qlikview like excel.here is my data,the formula i use in excel and my formula in qlikview.

      i have a sales table like this(of course with a lot more information):


      BranchChannelInvoice numberDifference from Invoice date till today(Day)Accounts Receivable (Sales)

      I have some rules to create Overdue for this channel; in retail i only want to sum those which column 4 is above 30 days and in hospital above 150 days. in excel i write my formula like this:


      Now in Qlikview, i tried using set analysis like this:

      sum( {$<Channel={Retail},Days={'>30'}>}Sales)

      sum( {$<Channel={Hospital},Days={'>150'}>}Sales)

      but i have to create two expression and for example if i want to create a pivot table, for subtotal i always have zero and i think its because of in total i don't have one dimension(Channel)

      I would be grateful if anyone can help me on this issue

      Thanks in Advance