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    how to cancel load script without freezing QlikView

    David Atkins

      Is there a correct way to exit the load script when an error message has been displayed? My experience--and everyone else I know who works with QlikView--is that we must always save QlikView before reloading because at least half the time, even a simple syntax error in the load script leads to early termination of the load, followed by the choice to "End Here" or "Abort." It seems like whichever option is chosen, Qlik just hangs and I have to go to the task manager to kill it and restart it.


      This happens with small .qvw files (under 1MB) as well as larger 100-300MB files I work with.


      I am embarrassed to admit this is a daily occurrence for the past 3 years...and I know at least 3 other people with the same experience. We just work around the buggy nature of QlikView, but I finally thought I would post the question and see if there is something I'm missing.


      Using 64-bit QlikView 12.0.20400.0 for Windows


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. have a syntax error in the load script; e.g. LOAD ... where exists (wrongfieldname)

      2. reload

      3. see script error pop up: "Field not found - <wrongfieldname>

      SQL select ...


      4. click OK

      5. Wait forever, click abort, or click end here

      6. open task manager and kill qlik