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    Qlik Extension: get all data regardless of selection

    Gregory Longé



      I am creating an organigram extension that shows different behavior than a standard Qlik Sense extension. Instead of showing only the nodes that correspond to the user's current selection, I would like to always draw the complete organigram and to highlight the nodes corresponding to the user's selection.


      The challenge is that the hypercube of the extension object only contains the data corresponding to the user's selection, which makes it impossible to first draw the complete organigram and subsequently to highlight the selected nodes. I found a workaround by using the Engine API's method: getTableData which returns all the data in the organigram table regardless of the selections. The problem is however that the returned data does not contain the qElemNumber, required to be binded to a node in the organigram to make it selectable.


      Do you guys know any other workaround that would allow me to neglect the current selection and to get all the data, including the qElemNumber? I assume it is possible, as there exists a qStatus field in the hypercube that indicates the selection state of the data. But I don't know how to make the excluded rows visible.


      Thanks in advance,