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    Problem with Month - Year Field


      I need help with this. Im new to qiliview.

      I have all a table with all the sales order in 3 years, with the date YYYY-MM-DD of the order.

      I want to make a line chart that shows the sum(Sales) by month. So i made a field called Month Year, like this : month(saledate)&' '&year(saledate).

      Everything oK... but when i want to sort it to show it in the chart the sort doesent work correctly.

      I try to put expressiones, sort in load order, and nothing.

      The sort i get is something like this.. : dic 2007 - jun 2007 - mar 2008 ... etc...


      I try order by expression Year(..) & month(...) but nothing.


      Alwayes there is a month-year that is not correctly order....


      What can i dot??