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    Using Dynamic / Calculated Data from One Chart to Populate Another

    Claire Schmitt


      I've created a table (TableA) in my app that has dimensions Week Ending and Keyword, and for the measures, one is a running total of Clicks by week and then another PastThreshold? where it is equal to 1 when the Running Total is the first value for that Keyword is greater than the Click Threshold, which is a dynamic variable (and in the example below is equal to 125 but can be changed by the user).


      What I'd like to do, is populate another table (TableB) with only the weeks (and associated Clicks) where PastThreshold? = 1 in TableA. I cannot do this in the load script because the actual threshold is dynamic (vClickThreshold = 125 upon load, but there is an input box where users can change the value).


      Here is an example in Excel of what I'm trying to do -- I'm basically trying to replicate a vlookup (or index/match), but from one Chart Table to another rather than from a Table loaded in the script.