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    Histogram of histogram

      Hello community!

      I am a basic but regular user of Qlik Sense, I try to represent several aggregations of data from an excel file (from a log file) and I hold on the representation ...

      The Excel file contains only one table with the Date (dd / mm / yyyy) columns, Weight (format #, ## Kg) and NumCommand (unique text ID).

      I created a first histogram showing the number of orders / day (this one is easy)

      Below I want to create a second histogram that shows the details of the weights / day so that by selecting a day in the first histogram, the detail of that day is displayed in the second histogram.

      The detail is that in this second histogram, I have to present the data in the following way:

      - Number of orders per 10Kg range from 0 to 50Kg

      - Number of orders per 50Kg range from 50 to 250Kg

      - Number of orders per 800Kg range from 250 to 800Kg, 800 to 1600Kg and 1600 to 2400Kg


      I am open to other representations, I have tried with a pivot table (rows and columns are ok) but I can not translate it into a graphical representation after ...


      The ideal image concept (photo editing)