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    Best way to include values where no association exists

      I got stuck with a model and my issue is that I have a budget and a sales table, which I would like to create associations between.

      (ie. if you select a customer group or business areas you should see the sales, forecast, budget etc. )

      However, my problem is that some customer groups exists in one table and not the other and vice versa. Sometimes a customer group may have a budget, but no sales, so they only exist in the budget table.

      I still want the budget to show for these (but the sales figures would of course be blank). However, since the customer group does not exist at all in the Sales table, there is no association created and therefore the budget values do not show either.

      I assume the only way around this is an OUTER JOIN in the SQL load statement, which would include all values from both tables. The problem is that this JOIN would be extremely resource intensive.
      Is there another way around this. If anyone could you point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.