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    NPrinting recipient

    everest226 KC


      is it possible to get email reception direct from database,

      In database i have email address of student assigned by there ID how can i send report to them by importing their email from database ans also assign filter in that email address or ID,




        • Re: NPrinting recipient
          Wallo Atkinson

          Sounds like you would bring your Recipient list into your Nprinting project with a 'Recipient Import' that also puts them all in a Recipient Group.  You need a recipient group so that you don't have to keep modifying the task every time recipients change.

          In the Recipient Import you can also specify Recipient filters.  Sounds like in your case you would want a filter something like Fields: ID{1}.  The 1 representing whatever that particular student's ID is.  Then each student would only get their own data.


          You would then put Recipient Import in with Task.  And that task in the schedule.


          This would pertain to Nprinting 16.