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    basic data transformation

      Hai Everyone,


      I am new to QlikView and now i am reading the book Developer 1 of QlikView 10 version.

      While i am preparing the book, i had a doubt in one page. And i will provide you line written in book, can anyone explain what to do and how to do.

      //*****Lines in book*****

      * Create a new chart object, and choose the pivot table chart type.

      * Use CompanyName, ProductName and Month for the dimensions.

      * The Expression should calculate the distinct number of product sold, and should be labeled[Toltal Products Sold]. Enable Show Partial Sums by CompanyName, and Month. This option can be found in the Presentation tab.

      * Add a new expression for the number of Orders placed. Use the OrderIDCounter field for this calculation. Lable this expression[Number of Orders].

      * Sort the CompanyName and ProductName dimensions by the same expression as [Number of Orders], in Descending order.

      //***End of Lines*****