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    NPRINTING Page functionality

    Dilara Askarova

      I have a problem with Page functionality in NPRRINTING PowerPoint report.

      We want to page through top 5 records on the page, to accomplish this in QlikView document we set Dimension Limits to Show only First 5 values, and we page based on this object.

      This solution works for us some of the times, but not all the time.

      For example, I ran this report earlier today, and instead of top 5 it generated only 4, later in a day I reran the same report (using the same QlikView document with no changes) and report generated top 5 records. I ran report with exactly the same parameters.

      Does anyone know why NPRINTING Page functionality is behaving in such a strange manner?

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          Aran Nathanson

          Try to apply the selections in QlikView and see how many values the chart shows. This is the number of rows NPrinting should show.


          So for instance if Page uses the country field, apply the country name of each slide as a filter in QlikView and check how many values are displayed in the chart.


          Also, you can use NPrinting functionality in Power Point reports to show only the top 5 values in a chart even if the chart has more than 5 values in QlikView. This will allow you to use a QlikView chart without applying the "show only first X values" to get the result you want.


          Do this by using the custom rows functionality in the template editor (see attached image).